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Hi araceli!Thank you for the beautiful hair and makeup this past weekend! Thank you so so much! We looked awesome at the wedding!!! The eyeshadow, liner, it was all perfect.  Seriously it looked great. Hah, not me just my makeup but my hair too!! 

I just want to thank you again for today. Hair and make up outlasted the many hours. I loved every photo we took all thanks to your work! I appreciate it so much! Despite the stress of hosting an event, I never felt more confident ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks to araceli I got so many compliments on the look that she created for me, the hair was such a hit!!! I was wearing a backless jumpsuit and it  was so nice to dance and sweat and not have to worry about hair , LASTED ALL NIGHT. I will forever love updos ! 

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